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Stage Machinery
Upper machinery
Under machinery
Control systems

Stage Machinery

DOKA Media company realizes complex projects for reconstruction and equiping the stages with light, sound and stage equipment on the territory of Russia and former CIS republics. Founded in 1987 as the Center of Youth Scientific-Technical creative activities «DOKA» and reorganized as DOKA Media Ltd in 1997, the company is now considered by right as one of the eldest Russian companies. Stage machinery is a relatively new area of company activities. In four years we created hightechnology modern production of the equipment for upper and under stage machinery and control systems.

Our resources:
  • Own RD department;
  • Own production of stage machinery;
  • Own development of electronic control systems for stage machinery;
  • Installation experience on the largest theatre stages;
  • Partnership with world leading manufacturers of stage machinery.

Example of stage equipping of Krasnoyarsk State theater of Opera and Ballet
Example of stage equipping of Krasnoyarsk State theater of Opera and Ballet
Lighting bar 8
Bar 52
Forestage bar 14
Point hoist 8
General Сurtain 1
Сurtain 2
Smoke flap 6
Fire protection curtain 1
Drive of turntable 6
Trap lift 2
Drive of stage platforms 7
Orchestra platform 3
Total: 110

DOKA Media Ltd produces stage machinery for 4 years already.
Specialists with many years of experience in stage machinery are working in project and design departments. It allows to solve the high-tech tasks by our own resources.

We are able to construct technical tasks for equipping the theatres with stage equipment.
We have the experience of complex designing.
We produce and develop ourselves the stage machinery according to the client needs.
We can install and service our equipment by own staff.
We use only high-quality and reliable industrial components in our equipment.

In 2007-2009 period DOKA Media Ltd elaborated projects, produced and installed about 250 devices of upper and under stage machinery in the following theatres:
  • Theater of Leninski Komsomol, LENKOM, in Moscow;
  • Krasnoyarsk State theater of Opera and Ballet, in Krasnoyarsk;
  • Clownery theater under the direction of Teresa Durova, in Moscow;
  • Udmurt national theater, in Izhevsk;
  • Luna theater, in Moscow;
  • Orenburg State regional drama theater named after M. Gorki, in Orenburg.

Range of manufactured equipment

Upper machinery
        Upper machinery
  • Stage hoists
  • Curtain systems
  • Smoke flaps
  • Fire protection curtains
  • Counterweight systems
  • Pulleys
  • Gridirons
  • Any mechanical hoists on request
Under machinery
        Under machinery
  • Lifting platforms
  • Turntable systems
  • Trap lifts
  • Mobile stages
Control systems
        Control systems
  • Computer control desks
  • Mobile control units
  • Gear control cabinets
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